47 thoughts on “Not so fast mom!

  1. Rowell says:

    That is a marvelous shot there. I really love the reflections and the colors. It\'s a cute picture.

  2. donw says:

    A very attractive image for its detail and color. Fine title and comment too! Well done.

  3. Doum says:

    Wow! Very nice and sharp composition. Reflection and point of view are really outstanding.

  4. JJ says:

    classy shot the reflection is stunning, not sure how you managed this but its stunning

  5. AC says:

    This is such an awesome snap! Beautifully composed and stunning capture of textures. The reflection is the cherry on the sundae!

  6. Mike says:

    Great setup and implementation. The background color complements the snail perfectly as well.

  7. sherri says:

    Love this little snail. Your image is superb. I appreciate the visit to pearweed:-) and perused your archives. You have incredible images, but I gotta tell you up front I\'m scared of insects, creepy crawly stuff, moths, butterflies…lol…

    Not scared of snails though. They can\'t get in my face:-) Again, your images are exceptional…I\'ll be back:-)

  8. Thomas says:

    What an incredible macro shot, the setup, exposure, details, composition and finally the reflection, everything is just perfect

  9. Sumedh says:

    Oh this is beautiful, my friend. It makes me feel like getting into the minds of either of them; to observe what exactly is going on in there. Amazing capture! This is a priceless moment!

  10. Evita says:

    This shot is spectacular! I cannot believe how unique and beautiful the image is and such perfect composition!


  11. Chris says:

    Brilliant and entertaining photo. The little dude on top made me smile. Great idea and original composition.


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