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The cemetery II

9 Responses
  1. Very nice this serie! The shadows are terrific.

  2. Another good one ! They keep coming.

  3. Fanastic light. A very haunting image.

  4. Really nice back lighting with the long shadow!

  5. You keep your compositions very simple…one light source, one subject. And then you play with the shadows and motion blurs creating spectacular and stunning images. Awesome Tim

  6. Wow! Great use of shadows. I must admit quite creepy.

  7. perfection. i love that the giant shadow even continues out of frame. that light provided a photographer\'s paradise!

  8. Amazing shot, heavy shadowing gives it a decidedly film noir feeling, I\'d definitely freak out if I saw someone lit from behind like that on an evening walk

  9. Keep up the great work, this one is fantastic !

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