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Last passenger

Een rustige avond…

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  1. Nice, very nice.

    (at least you had something useful to do while sitting there ;) )

  2. Very well done picture. The lighting is really nice. The tones are perfect… and the speeding train adds the perfect touch.

  3. This is great, the tones are really good. Speed and tranquillity at the same time!

  4. What can I say when a photo is perfect.
    Excellen atmosphere. GREAT!

  5. WOW…Awesome composition Tim. love the contrast and the motion blur.

  6. I was just watching Gone with the Wind with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh on cables. You can\'t even imagine how close this image to the mood of that movie. Superb!

  7. Brilliant shot, love the mood, light and the exposure. Superb work :)

  8. Wonderfull, so quiet and telling a story.

  9. ….and watching as things pass you by. :) Like the captured motion juxtaposed with the empty sidewalk and, of course, you. Nice one.

  10. More, more, more! You create a particular ambiance on your last B&W post. Continuez SVP!

  11. Stunning image, the motion effect and tones are perfect. Love the mood you captured in this shot. Excellent monochrome processing as always.

  12. Excellent BW night shot again, the motion blur is awesome! Man you have to sleep during sunlight ;p)

  13. Another great shot from the series, is this you in the photos? i think this person is in a few others.

    Seams to say time is going by to me.

  14. Excellent composition well framed! And I like the contrast the man with the train.

  15. Wonderful photo, I like the lighting and this atmosphere.

  16. Outstanding ! A great picture ! Congrats !
    And great use of B&W !

  17. New photos coming?

  18. Neat capture — Times go fast ;)

  19. Waiting patiently for the next photo :)

  20. really nice. seems absolutely worth a try to do long time exposures in BW (I always tend to focus on the colors). great work!

  21. wow, cool capture! well executed too.

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