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Last passenger II

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  1. Utterly beautifull, it would say promoted, but that\'s not here :-)

  2. Excellent work, again, on light and mouvement.

  3. Perfection, this image is truly superb. The motion effect and the composition is exceptional.

  4. Tim : You are a master at using motion blur in lowlight conditions to create stunning compositions. Its always a treat to visit your blog.

  5. Wonderful shot…love the crispness of the image against the blur :)

  6. Quelle émotion dans cette mage! Quelle mouvement dans le train qui passe, quelle solitude de celui qui attend, quelle atmosphère de nostalgie et de tristesse. une photo magnifique, réellement. Bravo ( j\'en suis à rêver de devenir chef de gare pour voir passer les trains !)

  7. a wonderful capture! very well taken

  8. This is amazing Tim! You captured the stillness and motion of life in a very artistic and creative way!

  9. i love this movement blur, excellent work !

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