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…Het nieuwe justitiepaleis in Gent…

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  1. Hmmmmm…. (sound of delight, yes? :))
    I enjoy such frame so much. Minimalistic, purified, geometrical, precise.. Very \"on the spot\" shot, the person of course is a total must for this frame to work. Great!

  2. Very minimalistic, great capture. Well done!

  3. Graphique et minimaliste. Géant et petit. Humain et matériel = Superbe composition!

  4. Stunning composition Tim.

  5. Funtastic composition! You have particular godsend to find and mount especial composition. Bravo.

  6. Brilliant! Very minimalistic and strong composition. The black and white suits it well – and the man just gives it a human touch!
    Great job!

  7. Simply love this one. Brilliant composition…very minimalistic…very nice :)

  8. Superb picture Tim. A picture as I like them. And don\'t ask me to explain why. I like and that\'s all !

  9. Nice geometrically based composition and great BW processing

  10. did you correct the lens distortion< i cant see any. i like the scale this image gives.

    Good job.

  11. I like this simple picture with simple shapes nd this small silhouette. Very powerful image.

  12. I really like this one… Almost surreal in its interesting geometrical composition.

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