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One moment in time

Na meer dan 24 jaar zullen er eindelijk weer treinen stoppen in Beervelde (Lochristi).
Het station sloot op 3 juni 1984 en werd terug in gebruik genomen op 15 december 2008.
Deze foto maakte ik op de avond voor de heropening.

20 Responses
  1. Wow! Great train photo. The light(s) is amazing and the balance the action. Perfect!

  2. Great exposure. I like the contrast between the time standing still and the train flying by.

  3. Nice, \"smooth\" picture

  4. Great long exposure shot. Nice job

  5. Spectacular shot. You have caputured the sense of motion very well

  6. And a perfect moment..it is. Love the clarity of the clock..the night lights..the composition. WOnderful image!!

  7. A good catch to get a platform shot before all the people show up. I like the train image whizzing by. Nice one.

  8. Les trains sont à l\'heure, beau cliché !

  9. Great composition, love it. Made even better because of the occasion :)

  10. Looks like you have an issue in VFXY, its now showing up. Wanted to fav you there…:)

  11. Waow Tim!!! Just perfect :) I like it

  12. prachtige foto, heel mooi contrast

  13. Great shot again, really like how the time is frozen while you capture the motion of the train moving past. Great work!

  14. Excellent train station shot, great long exposure and nice duo tone …

  15. Love your title. The sharpness, tones and exposure are exceptional. A truly captivating image.

  16. Ha, is this Beervelde Station ? I drive by it twice every day, never paid any attention to it though (well, traffic can be worth keeping an eye on too ;-)) So you must be from around Beervelde. Always nice to discover a nearby photographer for an amateur like myself.

  17. Love the lines, beautiful shot!

  18. The train passing with the long exposure almost makes it look like subway station wall.

    Great shot.

  19. Tracks, trains, train stations…they\'re all a favorite for me. Your capture of this one is absolutely perfect. Love the gold and what a motion blur. To me, the clock and it\'s reflection balance out an interesting touch for the left side of the image.

  20. Prachtige foto, heel mooi contrast,bravo !

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