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Close to death

Deze vlinder (Kaasjeskruiddikkopje – Carcharodus alceae) had veel geluk en ontkwam aan de aanval van de krabspin. Krabspinnen bouwen geen web om hun prooi te vangen, maar verschuilen zich in/op bloemen en wachten tot een insect de bloem bezoekt.  Pas dan komen ze in actie.
Door hun camouflagetechnieken vallen deze spinnen nauwelijks/niet op voor andere insecten.

26 Responses
  1. I like the details and shallow DOF. Well done!

  2. Ohh, I like this. The insect, the colors, the DOF … nicely combined. Very nice.

  3. That crab spider really does blend in well. I would\'ve never seen it if you didn\'t mention it in the description. Nice find.

  4. What a fine close up of this close call! I like the sharp detail and your picture illustrates how invisible the spider can be too. Well done.



  6. Great detailled shot. Love the bokeh in the background and the light is fantastic.

  7. nice and sharp, was there very much wind?

  8. Beautiful shot, love the details!

  9. Beautiful shot. One point for improvement: the colors of the butterfly is not contrasting enough with the background. Though I would not be able to capture something like this myself. Very well done!

  10. Amazing! This is really a two in one!
    excellent close up, must have been taken in just the right second – the spider is almost touching him!
    great job!

  11. Wonderful photo, I love the colours and these details.

  12. Fabulous shot and stunning composition

  13. Great details. I imagine that this picture was uneasy to shoot ! Congrats

  14. Whoa!! Superb details!! Very very dramatic shot. Bravo!!

  15. Fantastic macro. Love the colors!!!

  16. Great detail/macro shot, excellent composition, colors and sharpness+DOF. The story captured makes this single photo unique!

  17. I found the image wonderful. I read the title, and then read the description, and just saw the spider
    It\'s a long journey in your image, Excellent !

  18. WOW! That is an excellent shot, with excellent story and excellent result. The background was fine art.

  19. Stunning macro shot. The details, colors and clarity are exceptional.

  20. Wow, great timing. (From your description, sounds like pretty good timing for the butterfly too) Great work!

  21. Wonderful macro, superb colors, ….

  22. Superb frame! Amazing work, very well done.
    I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing! :)

  23. Mooie foto :D
    Zin om eens te komen kijken op fotoforum fotovisienet? :)

  24. mooie foto, leerzaam verhaal, dank

  25. Wonderful macro shot ! Love the background ;D

  26. Interesting comment… and very nice delicate colours in your picture !

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