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Not so fast mom!

… of was het: “Niet zo traag mama!”…
Ik weet het niet zeker.  Zo goed is mijn ‘Slaks’ niet. ;)

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  1. Very cool image. Curious about the details here. Again, great image.

  2. This is a wonderful micro – and a great composition.
    The mirror effect is superb.
    Well done!

  3. excellent image the refelection effect is cool well done !

  4. That is a marvelous shot there. I really love the reflections and the colors. It\'s a cute picture.

  5. really surprising, funny and well done !

  6. Haha I love it, very interesting shot – the reflection is amazing.

  7. A very attractive image for its detail and color. Fine title and comment too! Well done.

  8. Wow! Very nice and sharp composition. Reflection and point of view are really outstanding.

  9. classy shot the reflection is stunning, not sure how you managed this but its stunning

  10. WOW! I\'m speechless. Love your sense of humor..and the image is incredible!!!! WOW!

  11. Wow, cool snail!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. Wow, I really like this photo. Very very fun. And the exposure is perfect. 5 stars!!

  13. Love the reflection!
    Great photo

  14. really beautiful!! Congrats for your photoblog, it is great!

  15. Lol…Very well done!

  16. Really nice pic!

  17. Superb macro image. Lovely details, tones and clarity.Really like the reflection, nice job.

  18. Superb shot, wonderful execution :)

  19. This is such an awesome snap! Beautifully composed and stunning capture of textures. The reflection is the cherry on the sundae!

  20. great moment and technique!

  21. Love the reflection, cool shot!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  22. Great setup and implementation. The background color complements the snail perfectly as well.

  23. Love this little snail. Your image is superb. I appreciate the visit to pearweed:-) and perused your archives. You have incredible images, but I gotta tell you up front I\'m scared of insects, creepy crawly stuff, moths, butterflies…lol…

    Not scared of snails though. They can\'t get in my face:-) Again, your images are exceptional…I\'ll be back:-)

  24. A very beautiful picture to smile about. Fantastic!

  25. That\'s a great photo!

  26. Beautiful reflection. :-)

  27. Thats a beautiful capture! Very well done!

  28. Amazing shot!!!!! Great control of lighting.

  29. I think the title plays a huge role in the success of this image :)
    Did you put them on a mirror?

  30. Very cool Tim, a great macro and some good lighting too.

  31. Cool photo! And very funny, too. Congratulation!

  32. What an incredible macro shot, the setup, exposure, details, composition and finally the reflection, everything is just perfect

  33. Oh this is beautiful, my friend. It makes me feel like getting into the minds of either of them; to observe what exactly is going on in there. Amazing capture! This is a priceless moment!

  34. J\'adore c\'est très esthétique et c\'est parfait.

  35. Quite smart and quite funny : it reminds me the movie \"Speed 2\" ;) A nice family reflection lol

  36. This shot is spectacular! I cannot believe how unique and beautiful the image is and such perfect composition!


  37. Really neat. It gives completely different feelings when you rotate it 90 or 180 and still looks great!

  38. Excellent image and good sense of humor!

  39. Magnificent!! They are so beautiful!!!

  40. Ha, great shot, and very funny! Well done!

  41. wonderful, i love the light, the reflections and the title is also great!

  42. you have an amazing set of pictures and this one in particular its awesome!

  43. I like the joke ;p) Did they \"run\" on piece of mirror?

  44. fantastic and incredible shot

  45. This one you featured at the VFXY theme is really wonderful. I like that reflection.

  46. S u u u p e r b !!!

  47. Brilliant and entertaining photo. The little dude on top made me smile. Great idea and original composition.

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